[HQRP] Re: [GQRP] History - Dentron QRP MLX Mini

K5BDZ@aol.com K5BDZ@aol.com
Sat, 23 Mar 2002 12:11:22 EST

To all who have responded privately and to others, my remaining SG9 boards 
are either committed or destined to stay in my "do it someday" box.  Thanks 
for the interest.

And to all those who write your personal experiences with the Dentron MLX 
Mini, THANKS!  The stories are wonderful to share, and surely bring back GOOD 

Finally to those who see a little MLX Mini at a flea market... it's worth a 
few bucks to pick it up.  Chances are, if not working, the SG9 board inside 
still has a good heart and wonderful circulation, and sill spring to life if 
given a chance.

Bill K5BDZ
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